Verde Styles. The Brand.

  This brand has been developed over the past 4 years with the hard work of many talented individuals. Over the last year after touring the country, and meeting a lot of fans we realized this brand needed more than … Continued

Mother’s Day: Verde Moms & Good Times

Life really gets crazy when you are trying to make it. I used to go home to visit my parents all the time; however work and school have been so crazy that my parents sometimes forget what I look like. … Continued

Bamboozle 11′ in pictures.

Last weekend Verde Styles’ crew went to Bamboozle Music Festival and set up a booth. Little did we know, we were in for a huge surprise. This was a huge risk for Verde considering we had never been part of … Continued

Innovation & Style: Earth Day 2011

A few months ago, my team and I came up with an idea to throw a block party for Earth Day. Little did we know the idea that we had was very difficult to implement, however possible. Professor Joesph Picone … Continued

Banana Day @ WCU with Phi Sigma Pi & Verde Styles

We were recently at West Chester University hosting a sale on campus during Banana day. Yes I said Banana Day. What is Banana Day? Well I have no idea, but we have some awesome pictures. Enjoy.

Garden State GreenFest featuring Cake Boss!

To kick off our tour for this upcoming summer, we will be heading to Garden State Greenfest at Kean University this weekend. For this event, I will be making my runway debut in Verde Styles first ever fashion show appearance. … Continued

As the disaster unfolds.

Japan is not new to major disasters or tragedies, but this might be one of the worst ones yet. There have been 200-300 people found dead and the death toll is expected to rise. Soon after this is all over … Continued

My Promise to You.

For decades corporations have exploited foreign labor and natural resources to increase profits. Increasing profits at the cost of others has somehow become the moto for business. It’s not people’s fault, it’s the human greed. I started Verde Styles’ with … Continued

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