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Maboo Flats

The swagger of the streets meets the elegance of nature in Verde Styles new project, Maboo Shades. Handmade from bamboo, one of the fastest growing plants in the world, Maboo Shades are eco-friendly, durable and lightweight. Our debut line features three unique styles never seen before – Jays, Stix, and Flats. A distinct bamboo texture and detailed carvings speak for the originality and quality of every pair of Maboo Shades. As a premium product, all shades come complete with 1.1 polarized lenses, an awesome bamboo case, and personal microfiber pouch. Don’t miss out on your chance to rock the summer’s newest craze.

Warning: Do not come within 15 feet of a Panda Bear while wearing Maboo Shades… no joke.

Money Back Guarentee

If you're not completely satisfied with your Maboo Shades, you can return or exchange within 30 days of original purchase. Money will be refunded in full once shades are returned to our warehouse. Money will not be refunded for returns of broken, chipped, or scratched sunglasses as we check every pair before they go out to our customers.

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Maboo Flats